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Grateful - 12/31/23

Grateful - 12/31/23

We’ve been home a few days (since Thursday), and we have thoroughly enjoyed being together as a family with our girls.

Every day Brittney seems to progress a bit more with her stroke recovery.  We  are so thankful to God for every step forward

Continuing Prayers - Here are our Top 3 Requests:

- Brittney’s peace - every change that she feels (fatigue, weakness numbness, tingling, headaches, brain fog, nausea, etc) leads her towards anxiety of a new stroke - pray for God to help her to trust Him and to fight the many fears that come her way.  Pray for wisdom as to when the symptoms show that we need to head to the ER.

- Brittney’s healing - Brittney’s goal and prayer is to be back teaching by the end of January.  She is working as hard as she can to do the therapy she needs to improve.  Ultimately she needs the Lord’s hand to get the energy and abilities (vision, reading, writing, & math especially) to be back in the classroom ASAP.

- Brittney’s protection - Although Brittney is home we still don’t have firm answers as to why she has had the arterial problems (tearing, blockages, & pseudo-aneurysms) and brain bleed stroke. We are blessed with an appointment on Friday with the director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Cerebrovascular Center. Please pray that we can travel safely to this appointment and find answers about Brittney’s serious condition. We treasure your prayers for a miraculous healing and for His soveriegn protection from further blood clots, brain bleeds, and arterial problems.

Thank you for your prayers this past month for my amazing, God-fearing wifey.  We are so grateful to Jesus that He has allowed Brittney to survive her problems and recover as much as she has.  Every day is a gift from the Lord!

Proverbs 31:30 “a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised”

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