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Hospital Day #14 - 12/15/23 - A Day of Praises & Prayer Requests

Hospital Day #14 - 12/15/23 

A Day of Praises & Prayer Requests

Brittney had a full day! Here are some of our praises & prayers!


  • Brain bleed is still stable & there are no clots in her 4 stents (right carotid and vertebral arteries)
  • Our ICU & Neurosurgical staff are super awesome!!
  • Brittney’s improvement has therapy staff thinking maybe only 1 week of in patient therapy instead of 2 weeks…maybe even mentioned that she is working hard enough to be able to go straight home (which is our prayer!)
  • A God-glorifying physician from another state helped Brittney get her Cleveland Clinic appointment moved up from March 5 to January 5 to be evaluated for the rare condition she has (Fibromuscular Dysplasia = FMD)) with the Director of their Cerebrovascular Center; we are praying that this appointment helps us find answers and solutions
  • Brittney felt well enough for a midnight and 5am ice cream party last night.  She had bursts of energy to make a video for her 1st graders, for her coworkers, and for you! She got to spend some time with her aunt, uncle, grandfather, parents, and 4 girlies!
  • She was able to quickly fall asleep in spite of the pain throughout the day - her poor brain gets EXHAUSTED so quickly now, she can’t take in  much before she needs to sleep again

Prayer Requests:

  • To be safely home by Christmas! We will likely need to stay at U of L Hospital for another week for close observation (she has to be on blood thinner for the stents, but the blood thinner is super dangerous for her brain bleed)
  • To be able to stay in ICU or an individual room that is restful (her brain is super sensitive and easily over-stimulated now)
  • We really need God’s hand of miraculous protection from any more of her arteries tearing, bulging, blocking, or bursting - Brittney’s condition with FMD continues to be extremely serious
  • For Brittney’s comfort - she feels miserable, a lot :(
  • For Brittney’s endurance, rest, and strength - this is a frustrating and physically & emotionally draining experience for Brittney 
  • For our girlies resilience, faithfulness, and understanding during a hard season of life
  • For me not to annoy Brittney any more than necessary with my version of humor (she’s spent two weeks stuck alone in a hospital room with me!)

James 5:16 “pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” (ESV)

Here is a place where I’ve archived the posts from our 14 days of hospital stays so far. 

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