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Looking Down from the Mount of Olives

This video was shot from the top of the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem from the East looking Westward. You can see the route Jesus and His disciples would have walked into the Kidron Valley as they approached Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Although most of the current walls are much newer than Jesus' day, the very large ones are from the period of Herod's construction. You can see the temple mount clearly underneath the two mosques.

The double grey domes in the far distance is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where many believe Jesus to have been crucified and resurrected. The alternate site is to the North of the city and is often referred to as the Garden Tomb.

To the South you can see the ruins of the Southern Steps, where Jesus and His disciples would have likely taught some as they prepared to enter the temple. On a small outcropping to the South of those steps you can see the City of David and the ruins of a retention wall. In the distance behind that you can see Mount Zion and the Hinnom Valley (Gehenna).

Amazing that in one small scan of the horizon you can take in so many historical and biblical locations...

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