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Facebooking: Social Networking at its finest

Did you know that Facebook hit its 5th Anniversary this year? Have you given any though to the changes in communication through social networking online? Dr. Mohler shares some interesting insights into this growing phenomenon HERE. Here are some excerpts from his blog post...
  • "Together, MySpace and Facebook report over 280,000,000 registered users"
  • "Social networking differs from other Internet services by creating a virtual community of linked users, whose updates, photographs, and postings allow for communication anytime and anywhere"

"Here are a few suggestions for safeguarding the social networking experience:" (abbreviated here...full version on his blog)

  1. " Never allow social networking to replace or rival personal contact and communication."
  2. "Set clear parameters for the time devoted to social networking. "
  3. "Never write or post anything on a social networking site that you would not want the world to see, or anything that would compromise your Christian witness." (AMEN!!)
  4. " Parents should monitor, manage, supervise, and control the Internet access of their children and teens. Watch what your child posts and what their friends post."
  5. "Do not allow children and teens to accept any "friend" unknown to you."
  6. "Encourage older friends and relatives to sign up and use the technology. "
  7. "Use the social networking technology to bear witness to the Gospel"
  8. "do not allow social networking to become an idol or a display of narcissism" (self-centeredness)

I've personally really enjoyed getting on Facebook this past year. It has allowed me to better communicate, make contact with, and keep up with friends from high school and college that I wouldn't have otherwise been in touch with as often or to such a depth. It has been fun to share parts of my own life through photos, posts, and updates with others. I have also enjoyed finding a new way to communicate throughout the week with the adults and students of our church.

You can find me or the Severns Valley Student Ministry on Facebook by clicking the two linked photos above.

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