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O For a Thousand Tongues

I arrived in chapel today and was somewhat disappointed to find that there would be no sermon, just singing. I am no musician. I cannot carry a tune. I cannot read music. I enjoy worship, but at the same time hesitated at the thought of an hour of straight singing...old hymns at that.

My initial dismay was overcome by the reminder of the riches of the songs of Charles Wesley. I was especially moved at the depths of 'O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing' and surprised that it has 18 verses (no, we did not sing them all). The lyrics and sincerity of thought, praise, and desire to share Christ were awesome to remember.
These songs brought back memories of my college days. Despite my relative disinterest and inability to sing or play music, I sang in a chapel choir and played large bells (Quasimodo-style) for all four years. Those memories and amazing times of worshiping and praising Christ both corporately and individually are something I will never forget. Today was a reminder of the need and privilege to worship Jesus in song and music!
The photos attached are of me and my Quasimodo bells during my college days...our chapel is in the center...beautiful, huh?

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