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Dependent on Ourselves or Desperate for God?

Do you "do life" day to day in your own power and skills? Do you “do church” within your own comforts and abilities? Today I was blessed to hear convicting message on “The Presence of Christ in the Great Commission” by Dr. David Platt, the pastor at the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Platt exposited Exodus 33 with these four main points:
  1. We have an assignment we cannot fulfill
  2. We have a privilege we cannot forsake
  3. We have a family we cannot forget
  4. We have a God we cannot fathom (1 Corinthians 2:10-16)

I know I often rely on my own power, skills, and abilities in "doing life" and "doing church." I know I must become more and more reliant on His power through the Holy Spirit who especially equips us through the Bible and prayer.

Are you truly desperate for God? Are you totally dependent on Him?

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