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Parenting and Media

Have you ever wondered how our media-saturated society will impact children and youth over the long run? How should we react and help protect our children while equipping them to make wise decisions in the midst of an increasingly depraved world? Dr. Al Mohler has shared a helpful article on titled "A Generation Immersed in Media." Check out the below excerpts:
  • "A new report indicates that the average child in America now spends 45 hours a week immersed in the media -- a multiple of the hours spent with parents or in the classroom."
  • "80% agree that heavy media exposure increases the risk of harm, including obesity, smoking, sex, drug and alcohol use, attention problems and poor grades."
  • "Today's children, equipped with iPods, cell phones, laptops, and portable video players, are seldom more than a few feet (if not inches) separated from media technologies."
  • "we must be concerned with the effects of media exposure on the soul"

Here are some highlights from Dr. Mohler's suggestions for parents of today's generation:

  1. "Limit the total media exposure experienced by your children"
  2. "Do not allow children and teenagers to have televisions and Internet-connected computers in the bedroom"
  3. "Make entertainment media a family experience."
  4. "Parents have to do the hard work of actually knowing what their children and teenagers are watching, playing, hearing, and experiencing through media exposure."
  5. "Realize that a revolution has taken place in the lives of children and adolescents. "
  6. "Take a regular look at what your child is posting and what others are posting on his or her social media sites."
  7. "Remember that saying "no" is a legitimate option. "

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