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Christ’s Authority: The Visible Creation (Mark 1:29-2:12)

Christ’s Authority: The Visible Creation (Mark 1:29-2:12)

Come As You Are: Sick (Mark 1:29-34) ·v.30 “Now Simon's mother-in-law lay ill with a fever, and immediately they told him about her.”
·v.32-33 “That evening at sundown they brought to him all who were sick or oppressed by demons. And the whole city was gathered together at the door.”

(Mark 2:17) And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Seek God’s Authority Over Sin (Mark 1:35-39) ·v.37 “Everyone is looking for you.”
·v.38 “Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out.”

The Centurion’s Faith - (Matthew 8:9-10) “For I too am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. And I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes, and to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” When Jesus heard this, he marveled and said to those who followed him, “Truly, I tell you, with no one in Israel have I found such faith.”

Desire Cleansing: Spiritual More Than Physical (Mark 1:40-45)  ·v.40 “If you will, you can make me clean.”
·v.41 “Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him, ‘I will; be clean.’”

(2 Corinthians 4:16) So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.

Value Forgiveness More Than Feet (Mark 2:1-12) ·v.5 “And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’”
·v.9 “Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Rise, take up your bed and walk’?”
·v.10-11 “’But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins,’ he said to the paralytic, ‘I say to you, rise, pick up your bed, and go home.’”
·v.12 “so that they were all amazed and glorified God, saying, ‘We never saw anything like this!’”

(2 Corinthians 4:17-18) For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

Christ’s Authority: The Invisible Creation (Mark 1:21-28)

Christ's Authority: The Invisible Creation (Mark 1:21-28)

Do Not Rebel Against His Authority
  • Demon: v.24 “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God.”
  • Angel: Exodus 23:21 “Pay careful attention to him and obey his voice; do not rebel against him, for he will not pardon your transgression, for my name is in him”
  • Diotrepehes: 3 John 1:9 “I have written something to the church, but Diotrephes, who likes to put himself first, does not acknowledge our authority.”
"We need not so much to possess the message,
but to rather let the message possess us” R. Kent Hughes

Be Overwhelmed by His Authority
  • v.22 “And they were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one who had authority, and not as the scribes.”
  • v25-26 “But Jesus rebuked him, saying, “Be silent, and come out of him!” And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying out with a loud voice, came out of him”
  • Matthew 28:18 “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”
Be Filled by His Authority
  • v.27 “And they were all amazed, so that they questioned among themselves, saying, ‘What is this? A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey him.’”
  • Colossians 2:8-10 “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, and you have been filled in him, who is the head of all rule and authority.”
  • Luke 10:19-20 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
Display His Authority
  • v.28 “And at once his fame spread everywhere throughout all the surrounding region of Galilee.”
  • Matthew 28:20 “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
  • Mark 3:14-15 “And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach and have authority to cast out demons.”
  • Titus 2:15 “Declare these things; exhort and rebuke with all authority. Let no one disregard you.”

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