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Marriage & Parenting - & is a website I especially recommend for married couples and parents. They are especially well known for their marriage conferences ('Weekend to Remember' - Brittney and I have gone and love it!) and articles on topics such as: healthy marriages, troubled marriages, romance & sex, better parenting, single life, and spiritual growth. also has some helpful magazine publications. Brittney and I especially enjoy Marriage Partnership, but they also have other magazines for teens, men, and women.

Online Resource -

If you haven't discovered, it is worth checking out. Although I don't 100% agree with everything on there, there is LOTS of helpful and Bible-based stuff.
Here are some cool aspects of it: Devotional Newsletters by Email, Movie and Music Ratings, Financial , Parenting, and Marriage Articles, Podcasts and Video Teachings to name a few.
One example of helpful we are finishing our True Love Waits study this week for our church's youth, this is a great article for both parents and students.

Catholicism Questions

Lots of people have mentioned to me questions about what Catholics actually believe and how those beliefs are similar and different with protestant evangelical and baptist beliefs. Here are some good resources to answer a few of those questions...

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