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GREAT Bible Fellowship ( Sunday School ) Leader Tips & Reminders

This is an excellent training video of "the Largest Sunday School training event EVER" that all teachers (of all ages) and leaders will want to watch.  It is a wonderful investment of your time to watch this entire conference (around two hours)!

Great Expectations LIVE from LifeWay Productions on Vimeo.
Your class can have even greater impact on your church, in your community, and in the lives of its members when you raise your expectations and enlarge your thinking. “Great Expectations: Live” will help you do that. This event will be inspirational and is designed to help you build a God empowered, focused, and connected Sunday School class.

Based on David Francis’ book, Great Expectations, the training is intended for Sunday School teachers ranging from pre-school to adults, Sunday School directors, class leaders, and church staff.

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