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Favorite Bibles!

How awesome is it that we have so many Bibles as options today!

Lifeway stores are having a great sale this next week or so if you are looking for a Bible, so I thought I might share my top 3 recommendations!

The MacArthur Study Bible is my favorite! It has an awesome commentary on every page that gives applicable historical, cultural, linguistic, theological, and contextual helps you to understand the Bible in a much richer and in-depth way!

The Archaelogical Study Bible is awesome! I just used it on a three-week trip to Israel and its photos and descriptions of Biblical sites in accurate, concise and useful. It was a resource I used to prepare myself the night before visiting every site I went to. I highly recommend it if you want to see pictures and descriptions of the Biblical sites as you read the text.

The Apologetics Study Bible is one of the latest out. I have it, but unfortunately have not used it a lot yet. It has a TON of great articles and comments that enable the reader to better defend and understand their beliefs.

As for translations, I can explain more in a future blog, but I really trust and would recommend the ESV, NASB, HCSB, and NIV translations. There are many other great translations out there, these are simply the four I feel comfortable going to.

WORD OF CAUTION: I would not recommend the NRSV, TNIV, NLT, NCV, GNB, and CEV for reasons of gender-neutral translation controversy (this link has good info on the differences in translations as well). I would never, ever recommend the New World Translation that has been put forth by Jehovah's Witnesses in support of their maligned theology.

BOTTOM LINE: Find a trustworthy Bible that you enjoy and will inspire your daily reading of God's Word!

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