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Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) Teacher Tips #6 - Christian Websites & Online Bible Resources

Bible Fellowship ( Sunday School ) Teacher Tips #6 - Christian Websites & Online Bible Resources from Jonathan Carl on Vimeo.
Here are my top 5 online, free Bible Study Resources: – Answers over 195,000 tough bible questions – A great way to compare translations or search for keywords in the Bible  – An SBC website on interfaith, evangelism & apologetic resources – FREE intralinear and parallel Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, enyclopedias, lexicons, histories, and more! – Amazing photos and descriptions of Bible places (some free, more extensive collections for sale)

Can There Be A Christian Nation? - Dr. Michael Youssef

I recommend reading a succinct and helpful article by Dr. Michael Youssef that answers the question, 'Can There Be a Christian Nation?'

Some excerpts:
  • "A country, or even a culture, cannot be Christian — only individuals can be Christians. However, when people speak of America's Christian heritage, they often are referring to the moral character of our nation which is reflected in its laws and ordinances — both of which bear the distinct markings of Christianity."
  • "the moral character of a nation, as expressed in its policies and laws, can evoke God's response"
  • "After September 11, our nation appeared to go through a soul-searching process...and superficially, the nation appeared to enter into a spiritual revival...But that repentance was cheap and short-lived. It was merely a reaction emanating from fear."
  • "Our economic woes and national disasters, as well as our nation's security, will only be healed and protected when we get our relationship with God on the right track. Our personal cleansing, repentance, and intercession can determine our country's future."

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