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God - The Greatest Father Ever!

Psalm 139:5 "You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me." God is such the epitomy of Fatherhood. His loving correction, stern rebuke, imparting of wisdom, loving punishment, and caring embrace show throughout Scripture in how He deals with Israel and His church. It is so encouraging to know that God fills the gap in our own fatherhood failures or those of our own fathers. Read a great article regarding the analogy of God as the Father who lovingly chases us down...when we run away from Him, just like children run away from or resist their earthly parents. The author (Whitney Von Lake Hopler) lists several reasons we tend to run away from God:
  • We think something else seems more exciting
  • We’re afraid of what He may ask us to do
  • We think we’ll experience more freedom on our own
  • We don’t believe He’ll really love us as we are
  • We want others to think we’re independent

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