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The Visual Bible - Must WATCH!!!

Is it hard for you to imagine and visualize the Gospel narrative of Jesus Christ? Would you love to see a DVD of the Gospel being shared in an incredible way? I just finished watching the Gospel of John DVD by the Visual Bible. It is an outstanding and amazing visual description done through a word-for-word dramatization. I was amazed (particularly following a three week Seminary class in Israel in 2008) at the level of accuracy, attention, and detail given to the costumes, props, and sets. I strongly recommend this DVD to all Christians of all ages. Some ideas:
  • watch the DVD progressively as a devotional method
  • read the Bible along with the DVD as it plays, recording in your Bible specific ways in how you are newly impacted through seeing a representation
  • watch a scene or use a scene when teaching a class
  • use for a family devotional to teach your children
  • give it as a gift
  • watch it again and again!!!

Although I have only seen the Gospel of John, but cannot wait to buy and watch Matthew and Acts as well!! This is available online through but also through Lifeway.

This is SO not miss watching this!!!! Don't fail to share this with your friends and family!!!

John 20:29 "Then Jesus told him, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.'"

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