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9 Steps to Fireproof Your Marriage

Want to repair or protect your marriage? Here are Dennis Rainey's "9 Steps to Fireproof Your Marriage."
  1. Learn about God's blueprints for marriage
  2. Reaffirm your commitment
  3. Deal with your selfishness
  4. Begin to pray with your spouse
  5. Develop your relational skills
  6. Spend focused time together
  7. Attend a Weekend to Remember® marriage conference
  8. Start or attend a couples' study using the HomeBuilders Couples Series®
  9. Depend on God's power to build your marriage

I HIGHLY recommend step 7! If you have never been to a marriage conference, or it has been awhile, commit to going to "Weekend to Remember!" There are some scheduled soon near us:

  • October 31st-November 2nd - Louisville , KY
  • November 7th-9th - Kingsport, TN
  • March 6th-8th - Cincinnati, OH
  • March 27th-29th - Nashville, TN
  • June 12th-14th - Indianapolis, IN

Weekend to Remember - An Experience You'll Never Forget

A great movie is coming out September 26th, from the makers of Facing the Giants...Fireproof.

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