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Studying Millenials - Priorities of Life

Lifeway Research just summarized a study of Millenials (those born between 1980 & 1991: currently 19 to 30 years old) that shows what is most important in their lives. The findings... (permitted to list more than one priority)
  • 61% place family at the top of their priority lists
  • 25 % Friends
  • 17% Education
  • 16% Careers/jobs
  • 13% Spouses/partners
  • 13% Spirituality/religion
  • 12% Finances
  • 12% Happiness
  • 11% Raising kids
  • 10% Health
  • 9% Activities
  • 9% Well-being
  • 5% The future
  • 5% Nature/pets
  • 4% Use of time

Some concerning aspects of this study:

  • "two-thirds of those who indicate they trust Christ as Savior mention nothing about faith, religion or spirituality when asked to name what’s really important in their lives"
  • “For many Millennials, Christianity is a family heirloom rather than a faith commitment. The Christian faith in America is being passed to a generation that is slow to embrace a relationship with Jesus Christ and even slower to treasure it.” - Thom Rainer

Family, friends, education, jobs, health, marriage, children, etc. are all good things to value. Unfortunately, when those areas of our life take priority over Jesus, they become god-things: idols.

Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me."

May we be a generation that treasures Christ above all else.

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