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Sneaky, Sneaky Pride

When things are going good in life, a subtle danger always seems to creep in...pride.

Pride is so dangerous.  It places the emphasis on ourselves.  When times are bad, pride helps us justify our anger or frustration, or encourages us to throw a pity party of despair or depression.

When times are good, pride again places the emphasis on ourself, patting ourselves on the back, comparing ourselves to others, boasting in our accomplishments.  Paul knew that pride is ultimately the root sin...the sin of self-worship.

We must remember that the great things we see God doing in our lives are for His credit and glory and not our own.  Especially in church or ministry life, all spiritual success is the Lord's!  Ultimately we need to humbly realize that we are but tools in the Creator's hands...but isn't it amazing when we see Him work powerfully through us!

Maybe today is a day to stop and repent of thinking of ourselves more and better than we ought to.  Maybe today is a day of redirecting all praise and glory from our name to His name.  Let's never fail to give credit where credit is due!

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