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K9 Web Protection - FREE Internet Control and Filter Software

K9 Web Protection is a highly recommended and effective Internet control and filter of all it is FREE!!! HERE is a review of the software. They share some helpful links for parents HERE. Here are some of the scary statistics they share HERE:
  • "Pornography is a $57 billion a year industry. In comparison, the combined revenues of all teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL is $12 billion, and the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC is a mere $6.2 billion."
  • "1 in 4 youth have unwanted exposure to inappropriate pictures each year"
  • "Nine of 10 kids aged 8-16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, often in the process of doing homework."

If for some reason K9 Web Protection does not work for you, check out two previous blogs posts:

Thanks to Jim D. for sharing this resource with me!

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