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Hospital Day # 11 - 12/12/23 PM - The Waiting Game

Hospital Day # 11 - 12/12/23 PM

We are in a waiting game now - waiting to see how long the brain bleed continues and waiting to see how much damage there is from her hemorrhagic stroke (a stroke from bleeding on the brain). 😭🙏🏻

While visits aren’t the best right now (she is conscious but super tired, in a stroke ICU, & trying to avoid sickness), please feel free to text or message me words of encouragement or a short video. I’ll share them with Brittney when she’s more awake and has more energy.  

Right now her brain needs to rest and heal, so we are trying to protect her from being over stimulated. Your prayers are her best medicine!

Psalm 136:1 “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.”

Picture caption: It’s not a coincidence what shirt I wore today.  If you zoom in you can see her giving me a side-eyed glare communicating “why are you taking a photo of me right now!?!?!l 🤣🤣🤣

Hospital Day # 11 - 12/12/23 PM - Brain Bleed Worsening

Hospital Day # 11 - 12/12/23 PM

UPDATE: Brittney’s symptoms are slowly worsening. Please keep praying!! We can’t thank you enough for your prayer.  We really need her to turn a corner quick & start improving!!

This morning at 9am she started to have some cognitive processing (couldn’t think straight) and noticeable coordination issues. She got to the ER ASAP where they discovered a serious brain bleed.  She was given platelets and flown to UL.

Her symptoms are slowly worsening: memory & cognitive issues as well as coordination, strength and fatigue concerns.  

Brittney’s brain bleed will be monitored for the next few days at the UL ICU.  Her condition is very serious but her care is excellent. We are not sure yet about a brain surgery to remove the bleeding; it depends on some more tests ahead in the next few hours and over the days ahead as well.

Ways to pray:

  • for the brain bleed to stop
  • for no blood clots to form (since she just had 4 stents emplaced last week this is very concerning as she has to be off blood thinner now)
  • for pain relief (these are the worst headaches she’s ever had)
  • for no long term brain damage
  • for wisdom for her neurosurgery team on whether or not to operate
  • for wisdom for all the rest of the hospital care team

Luke 1:37 “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Picture: Brittney was so thankful to attend Sophia’s Christmas dance recital Sunday night - she always loves our family photo!

Hospital Day # 11 - 12/12/23 AM - Life-Flight - Prayers Needed

Hospital Day # 11 - 12/12/23 AM

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Brittney was just life-flighted to UL hospital for a serious brain bleed. The Lord provided quick and amazing care at Baptist Hardin plus much needed emergency blood platelets.  Please pray for wisdom for the neurosurgery team for speedy next steps!

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