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Hospital Day # 16 - 12/17/23 - The Vicious Pain Cycle + An Early Christmas Celebration


Hospital Day # 16 - 12/17/23 - The Vicious Pain Cycle + An Early Christmas Celebration

Brittney’s day was a bit different with me heading back to Hodgenville for church with the girls.  Her grandfather came up early to sit with her, followed by her parents, and finished with my return with our daughters in tow.  Although Brittney’s brain has stopped bleeding and the swelling isn’t increasing, most of the blood is still in her brain and some swelling remains.  The combination of blood and swelling makes hemorrhagic strokes called, “the worst headache of your life.”  

Brittney’s pain cycle looks like 1-2 hours of sleep (sometimes more) followed by 15-30 minutes of alertness (if she doesn’t wake up with a headache). Once that short “window” is over, the massive headache returns and a medicinal game is played to get the right type and amount of medication in her at the right time.  She often is curled in a ball of pain for at least 30 minutes with vain attempts to comfort her with a wet rag or back rub.  It is hard to watch your bride suffer in so much pain.  I’ve never seen her so miserable - both in degree and duration. It is heartbreaking.

When I went home today, I was able to clean up and go to church with our girls and Brittney’s parents.  It was so wonderful to be with our church family, but it was do difficult to not have Brittney with us.  Every church member must’ve hugged me and asked about Brittney.  The love of Christ flowing in and through them was overwhelming.  We couldn’t do this without them.  Our church has been encouraging me to be constantly by Brittney’s side on this long journey.  They told me to take the next month off of church work and just focus on my wife.  

On top of our church support, Brittney’s school, and our many friends and family have continued to care for us in so many ways.  Brittney and I are so grateful and blessed.  We couldn’t imagine going through this season without the loving support and prayers of our family and friends. Thank you!

After church the girls and I grabbed a delicious lunch before I caught up on a few things at home.  We then decided to do an “early Christmas” with Brittney.  Honestly I think the girls were just manipulating the situation to their advantage so they could score some early Christmas gifts.  Clever girls lol!!!

Brittney was so touched by all the sweet gifts we received.  We haven’t been able to read all of the Facebook comments or cards yet, but y’alls love is energizing her in her toughest season.  She loved the “early Christmas” with the girls and they gave her a mini spa treatment with a shower cap shampoo as well as a hand and foot moisturizing session.  Although most of her day was full of pain and rest, she finished her day with great joy, moments of no pain, and a good appetite too!  God is so good to us!

Ways to Pray:

  • No blood clots in her stents and no brain bleeds
  • For pain relief and brain healing
  • For tangible progress in gaining back the abilities that were lost (disconected) from the stroke
  • For an individual room whenever we step down from ICU (Tuesday?) - Brittney can’t tolerate much sound or light and a roommate would be very difficult for her recovery if our hospital stay is extended
  • For the doctors to have wisdom for the duration of our stay in order to protect Brittney’s life and health

Psalm 34:8 “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (ESV)

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