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Prioritizing Family

How is your family life?  Do you ever struggle in balancing life commitments with home commitments?  Work stress ever seem to take away the joy of your home life?

Many people have never heard of Jephthah nor can remember much about him.  Although he seems buried deeply in the Bible as a seemingly obsolete and insignificant figure, there is much we can learn from him (Judges 11-12:7) about the dangers of not prioritizing our family.

Jepthah had a bad family background and made some unwise decisions growing up.  Despite these challenges, Jephthah was extremely successful in life, being described as a "mighty warrior" and a leader of Israel for 6 years.  But in Judges 11:29-40 we read how Jephthah, made a rash vow that resulted in significant loss within his family in exchange for mere military victory.

Although we may not make the same level of mistake as Jephthah did, we often make small mistakes in prioritizing work, people, possessions, and passions over and above our family.  Maybe today is a day that God is calling you to reprioritize your family in your daily commitments and decisions!

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