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Book Recommendations

I received 17 highly recommended books at the Together for the Gospel Conference. Here are some of the ones I am most excited about:

If You Could Ask God One Question...

One of the most interesting books I received at Together for the Gospel is:
"If You Could Ask God One Question" by Paul Williams and Barry Cooper

Check out some of the questions they answer...
“If You’re Really There, God, Why On Earth Don’t You Prove It?”
“Isn’t The Bible Just A Bunch Of Made-Up Stories?”
"All Good People Go To Heaven, Right?”
“If You’re A God Of Love, Why Send Anyone To Hell?”
“If Jesus Really Was Your Son, How Come He Got Killed?”
“If I Can Be Forgiven Everything, Doesn’t That Mean I Can Do Whatever I Like?”
“How Can Anyone Be Sure There's Life After Death?”
“What About People Of Other Religions Then?”
“Isn’t Faith Just A Psychological Crutch?”
“Why Do You Allow Suffering?”
“Why Do You Hate Sex?”
“Why Don’t You Just Do A Miracle?”
"So, God, If You Could Ask Me One Question, What Would It Be?”

Together For the Gospel - Part 3

I was abundantly blessed these past few days to hear the wonderful messages listed below at the Together For the Gospel Conference. I will add applicable links and resources on the right side of the screen. Last year's and this year's messages are available for free (audio) here.
  • Sound Doctrine: Essential to Faithful Pastoral Ministry(Ligon Duncan)
  • Bearing the Image: Identity, the Work of Christ, and the Church(Thabiti Anyabwile)
  • The Sinner Neither Able nor Willing: The Doctrine of Absolute Inability(John MacArthur)
  • Improving the Gospel: Exercises in Unbiblical Theology(Mark Dever)
  • The Curse Motif of the Atonement(R.C. Sproul)
  • Why Do They Hate It So? The Doctrine of Substitution(Albert Mohler)
  • How the Supremacy of Christ Creates Radical Christian Sacrifice(John Piper)
  • Sustaining a Pastor’s Soul(C.J. Mahaney)
Praise God for men such as these who can and do so wonderfully and articulately defend and proclaim the richness of the Gospel message.

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