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Wailing Wall

I always wanted to see the Wailing/Western wall when I got to Jerusalem, so when I arrived in Israel this past New Year's Eve it was our first destination! It is a small section, 200ft. wide by 100ft. tall, but you can see, even late at night, orthodox Jewish men praying on the left and the women on the right behind the covered area. Later in the trip I was able to climb in tunnels underneath the wall. The wall itself is part of a 2000+ year old support structure for the temple mount...more pictures and videos in the future! Want more info? Click here...

The Wailing Wall (along with many other spots in Israel) was also a ready reminder of the fact that the worship of our God is not constrained to "holy spots" or temples, but that as Christians our body is "a temple of the Holy Spirit." What a blessing it is to be able to have His Spirit within us!

TV -'The Tempter in the Bedroom'

Good blog today by Dr. Al Mohler on a NYT report on the health effects of TVs in bedrooms...
I especially like the quotes from Cornelius Plantiga's sermon. It makes me rethink my own TV viewing habits!

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