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Hospital Day # 4 - 12/2/23 - An Urgent Prayer Request for Brittney

Hospital Day # 4 - 12/2/23

(we didn’t share the first hospital stay of 3 days at Baptist Health Hardin)

Urgent Prayer Request for Brittney

2.5 weeks ago Brittney was hospitalized for a few days for abnormalities/narrowing in her carotid arteries (takes blood to your face/brain) and tearing in her right carotid artery. She was released home on blood thinner with no clear answers why this happened.

Today she returned to the Baptist Hardin ER with worsening symptoms and was transferred to the UL ER due to worsened tearing in her right carotid artery and a new blockage in her vertebral artery (takes blood to the back of your brain). We are currently awaiting a report from a neurosurgeon on next steps.

We appreciate prayers for:

- Wisdom for doctors & nurses

- Protection

- Complete healing

- Pain relief

- Peace

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