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Parents and Teenagers - How to Monitor Car Speed and Location - GPS Tracking

Ever wonder if your teenager is going where they said they are? Ever want to know if they drive the speed limit? Want an emergency way to find your vehicle if it is stolen?

Below are some options for GPS tracking devices on phones and in cars.

Things to consider:

  • It may be better to tell your teenager and use it as a deterrent and teaching aid. Their knowledge of it also might help them resist peer pressure to speed or go where they shouldn't.
  • If you do not tell your teenage and hide it there might be the potential for less helpful and more divisive confrontations should they violate your driving expectations. They may also intentionally plan on going in other teenager's cars.
  • Check into the possibility of car insurance discounts.
  • Be sure to understand any contract requirements. Check businesses through the Better Business Bureau (
  • Does it tracks real time data, historical data, or both?
  • Is the data accessed remotely or do you need to extra something from the car in order to see data?
  • Do not forget about installation costs.
  • RESEARCH and COMPARE before buying...if you have a recommendation or a better suggestion for me to add to the below, please let me know!
Sprint Family Locator - location info via cell
Verizon Wireless Chaperone - location info via cell
Guardian Angel Technology - prepaid cell phone coupled with tracking info that tells location and speed of travel

GetiSight - "installs permanently, discreetly: offers a secure, easy-to-use website at : Uses GPS technology to pinpoint your vehicle’s immediate location and speed online : provides a complete 30-day vehicle history : alerts you via email and/or text message if your vehicle exceeds a user defined speed limit or leaves specified areas defined by you
$225 + $17/month"

Mobile Teen GPS
"Provides instant vehicle feedback for: Speed, Current Vehicle Location, Unapproved Locations, Vehicle is Moved or Stolen, Find Vehicle Now
Four ways to monitor TEEN driving: Cellphone text message or Email, Email alerts sent to your Computer, Toll-free number from any Telephone, Login to our web site to track your vehicle on a Map"
Unit = $300. Monitoring = $300 per year or $30/month monitoring. No contract required. Includes self-installation instructions.

Down to Earth GPS Solutions
"SafetyTraks™ provides real time driving information from GPS to your home computer tracking the location, and speed of your teen’s vehicle. This information generates numerous reports & maps. Initial cost of $299, $20/month monitoring"

GPS Technologies
"SafeTrak Teen Driver Tracking let's you be with your teens wherever they go. SafeTrak provides web based maps that show vehicle location, reports that show where your vehicle went, how fast it drove and how long it stopped. Alerts let you know when a vehicle arrives at or leaves a location (school, friend's house), exceeds a preset speed limit, or is being used when it shouldn't be, i.e.; during school hours."

Brickhouse Child Security
"The leading provider of GPS Tracking Solutions Trusted by Government, Law Enforcement, Corporate and Small Business to recommend the best GPS Tracking solution meeting the most demanding requirements. Premiere clients include: FBI, US Navy, Raytheon, Army, Police, and countless others. Let BrickHouse Security help you find the GPS Tracking system that will fit your needs."

Travel Eyes - a passive device from which you get historical data
Alltrack USA - A variety of plans and options to include real-time, passive, or quality of driving.

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